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Gingins Indoor Tournament 2015

The venue this year was the sports hall of the Ecole de Commerce Aimee-Stitelmann in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva. It is fair to say that this hall and location impressed everyone! It was a large, bright playing area with excellent facilities for both players and spectators.

As well as the host team “Gingins”, the usual teams from Switzerland were represented, including a mixed Zurich Crickets CC and Basel Dragons CC team - the “North” team, Cossonay CC and GRYCC formed the “Leman” team, another strong team.
This year, in order to provide more challenge and competition, invitations were also extended to some local senior teams. This led to the Nestlé Cricket Club team joining the tournament as the fourth team, “Nestlé”. Further, the North team included a number of senior players.

Gingins 156-4 beat Nestlé 123-6
In the first game, Gingins batted first against Nestlé. Solid batting from Aidan, who retired on 50 and Ale (23) and Simon (23) led to an impressive target of 156-4 being set in the 20 overs.  For Nestlé, the pick of the bowlers was Tushar who restricted the Gingins batsmen towards the end.

In reply Nestlé started to build up a score but were kept in check by some tight bowling by Gingins and lost wickets gradually, although Murali (22) and Sumit (16) kept the score going. Finally Sunil with his 21 n.o. tried to encourage the remaining Nestlé batsmen to get the Nestlé score up to that of Gingins, but due to effective fielding by Gingins they could only finish at 123-6. Best bowling figures were Ale with 2-13 and Max with 1-13 from their 3 overs.  Catches were taken by Ale, Aidan and Simon and there was a direct hit run-out from Max throwing from fine leg to the bowler’s end wicket (his father was the victim).

North 170-6 beat Leman 145-4
The second game was between North and Leman and met expectations as being a high scoring encounter. North batted first and Osama (54 retired), Nic (11), Ruan (27) and Asad (25) created a solid base to the innings leading to the total of 170-6. Despite the high score, Leman fielded well with 2 caught behinds for Ryan off Greg and Jai, a caught and bowled by Ashwin to remove Asad and 2 run-outs by Yash and Pradeep (borrowed from the Nestlé team). Best bowler was Jai (22-2).

Leman started very well, with an impressive and mature 19 from U13 Hemant and 11 from Yash to bring the score up to 56 without loss. But then Yash was caught by Ruan off the bowling of Asad and Jai followed soon after, caught behind by Nic off Khawar. Ashwin and Arnav steadied the innings and it looked to be a close match for most of the 20 overs but towards the end Leman couldn’t score at the required rate due to some of the best fielding seen in these tournaments. Simply North were making it very difficult to score runs, and when Leman tried too hard there were 2 run-outs. Arnav tried to keep the rate up and ended with a solid 24 n.o. but in the end Leman could only manage 145-4.

Bowling was tight by all the North bowlers with Asad (1-18 from 3) and Oli (0-22 from 4) the most effective. However, off the 145 runs scored by Leman 71 were extras.

North 155-4 beat Nestlé 104-6
North also won their next game against Nestlé. Again batting first they reversed their batting order with Ruwan and Oli opening. Ruwan built up a rapid 23 before being stumped by a ball from Hemant (playing for Nestlé) which spun right past his bat to the keeper Sunil. Oli was out on 10 then Asad (retired on 52) and Ruan (31 n.o.) once having played themselves in, started to hit out. North, after being kept to a reasonable run-rate in the first 15 overs, then scored about 50 in the last 5, to end with a total of 155-4. This was despite good bowling from Nestlé, they only conceded 24 extras, Hemant (2-23) and Sumit (0-14) the most difficult for the North batsmen.

Nestlé opened with Hemant and Arjun, and both played the North bowling attack well, but found it difficult to score, the North close fielding again extremely effective. Arjun was caught behind trying to hit out against Ruwan and then Sunil came in and played a long innings of 23 n.o. but again he found it difficult to pierce the field and convert 1s into 2s. Sumit with 14 , Sudhir and Pradeep with a useful 6 n.o. at the end tried to push the score forward but against the fielding it was difficult and the run chase ended at 104-6. This time North only conceded 36 bowling extras, half of what they did in the last game. Asad was the best bowler with 2-7 and one wicket maiden in his 3 overs.

North 172-2 beat Gingins 32-7
The next day started with snow and the first game was between Gingins and North. The snow proved a good omen for the North. North batted first and the openers Osama and Nic gave no chances to the unlucky Gingins bowlers, with an impressive display of shots putting on 152 for the first wicket. Osama retired on 50 and Nic was not out on 42. Ruan scored a quick 16 before he was caught by Aidan off the bowling of George and Aidan had Asad lbw. Moaz played some good shots at the end to finish 7 n.o. North finished with what looked a very good score of 172-2. In a difficult game for Gingins, best bowler was Thomas with 0-20.

Reversing their batting order, Max and John opened for Gingins. Osama was the opening bowler and was on fire! He bowled Max with his 4th ball, swinging it through the gate. Next in was George who was also bowled in the next over of Osama, then came Rohan, Thomas and Simon, all bowled first ball trying to play almost unplayable swinging balls from Osama, in successive balls - 4 wickets in 4 balls - Gingins were 9-5 in the 3rd over and Osama was 5-4!

Ale was next, caught by Khawar off the bowling of Asad for 1 and Gingins were down to their last wicket pair with the score on 17. Aidan tried his best but when he was bowled by Asad for 4, the final score was 32-7 with John, who had carried his bat through the entire innings, 9 n.o.

North had won the tournament by beating all teams!

Nestlé 107-5 beat Leman 104-7
The second match of the day was Leman against Nestlé, and Leman batted first with Ryan and Arnav opening the batting. With Ryan run-out on 4, Greg came in and played a cameo innings of 13 in 5 balls, before he was stumped by Sunil off the bowling of Hemant.  Ashwin (18) and Arnav (10) continued scoring steadily before both were out. Then with catches behind for Sunil off the bowling of Jassi and Arjun, the Leman team were reduced to 104 all out despite late flurries from Freddie, Yash and Dilshan who was left on 4 n.o.
Nestlé had bowled their best in this game and Arjun (2-10), Murali and Jassi (both 1-22), Pradeep (0-17) had kept the Leman score down.

Nestlé scored slowly but steadily with Arjun (13) and Sunil (15) holding together the first part of the innings and Sumit (25 n.o.) and Jassi (9 n.o.) were together in the last over needing 7 to win! A 3 was scored then Sumit hit a giant 6 to finish the game. Nestlé had won with 4 balls to spare!

Leman 133-5 beat Gingins 126-7
In the last match of the day, Gingins had a good start against Leman, Ale getting Arnav lbw. But Yash (36) and Ashwin (17) kept the scoring going, until Ashwin was bowled by Rohan, who was by  now  bowling at his best, and then Simon caught and bowled Yash with a good catch off the roof. Jai was caught and bowled by George diving to his left to take a spectacular catch. And with Freddie and Ryan ending the innings, Leman scored 133-5. The extras were 69 out of the 133 total.

The total seemed attainable and with Ale in great batting form, even though Aidan fell early on, it seemed as if the score was moving forward. Anhad made a useful 10 before he was bowled by Hemant trying to push the score along. But the bowling of Arnav removed John, Thomas and Rohan and after that the job left to Ale was too much with he and George needing 12 to win in the final over - Ale was caught by Fredddie off Ashwin, with the score on 126. Leman won by 7 runs!

So with Leman winning that game that meant that, Leman, Nestlé and Gingins had each won one game and lost 2.

As in the rules, run rate was used to separate the teams on equal points giving:

1st North - 3 wins: Run rate scored 8.20 Run rate conceded 5.97 Overall +2.23

2nd Leman - 1 win: Run rate scored 6.47 Run rate conceded 6.71 Overall -0.24

3rd Gingins - 1 win: Run rate scored 6.68 Run rate conceded 7.13 Overall -0.45

4th Nestlé - 1 win: Run rate scored 5.56 Run rate conceded 7.03 Overall -1.47


Best batsman was Osama with total runs 104 n.o. from 2 innings. Best bowler was also Osama for his figures of 5-4 in one match. And best fielder was Asad, for the speed and skill he showed in preventing runs.

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped.


Sports Equipment Collection for India: November 2015

Remember the collection that was made earlier this year to make sure all of our sports equipment is put to good use? Well you might be able to recognise it in the attached photos. Well done to Ale for the initiative!

Dear All,
Very pleased to inform you that the sports equipment collected in July at the GCC has safely arrived free of charge to India and has now been distributed. I have attached the great photos of the kids receiving the equipment. Some are also wearing GCC tops.

Thank you to all who supported this initiative.
Kind regards,

Alessandro Poynton


U13 Suisse Romande Cossonay Tournament Report: 4 October 2015


To all Gingins U13s,

Firstly I want to say how proud I am of the eight of you. You played with real spirit and a positive attitude on Sunday.  

In the first match, after losing early wickets and being 3 runs for the loss of 2 wickets after two overs, Nikhil and Charlie really did well to hold the innings together.  Believe me when I say lesser teams would have crumbled and been all out within the first 10, or so, overs.  That you were able to bat through the 20 overs really says a lot about the fight you each possess.  Many of you had not had any outdoor cricket for a while, so it was really a job well done. 

91 runs on the board, after our start was really tremendous. Thanks to the platform set by Nikhil and Charlie the other batsmen were able to try and get runs. We did not even get a chance to let the captain Hanaaz to have a bowl, that is how well you batted after the early set-backs.  Aarit and Gianni, the two of you faced a couple of really good U13 bowlers in Eden and Ismail.

When we were fielding, you had never given up hope of taking wickets and trying hard to even the match.  Very nice wickets from Ricky Louqmaan.  We probably bowled too many extras, and this took the game away from us.

In the second match Hanaaz bowled two very tidy overs to start against Basel (conceding just 2 runs - a wide - in his first two overs).  This was before Gianni had the dangerous Westy caught behind by Louqmaan for not very many.  Ricky chipped in again with a couple of wickets off his bowling, he even effected a run-out off his bowling and then keeping the scorekeepers busy (as if I would forget his name) by taking a catch off Charlie's bowling.

However, these wickets at regular intervals did not do enough to prevent Basel from posting a reasonable total.  There were just a few too many wides/no-balls conceded, and the experienced Basel batsmen made the most of the short-pitched deliveries and the drying conditions.  

In our reply, we had a much better start and were building our own score nicely seeing off their better bowlers well done to Nikhil and Aarit, but we too lost wickets at regular intervals.  At one stage we were really on track to get the target and needed just about 6 runs an over to get there (an extra an over and a few runs off the bat may have been enough).  But then, for Basel, Aditya bowled a maiden over and that put the pressure back on us (maybe you in the middle did not notice it, but I sure did).  In the end, it was up to William and Charlie to try and get us home.  They kept at it, and unfortunately our challenge ran out steam with just four balls to go when Ray brought a close to the proceedings of the second match. 

All of you contributed well in the field, and with the bat over the two matches.  You worked very nicely as a team.  Thank you Hanaaz and Nikhil for being Captains on the day.  You both led from the front and provided excellent models for the other players to follow.

There are always learning points to take away from any match, so here are a few:

1.  When fielding, do not try and capture the ball like a grasshopper with your fingers over the top - instead keep your fingers on the ground and try to scoop the ball up to you.  William and Louqmaan even as wicket-keepers you need to try to keep your fingers below the ball.  I do not know how many times we gave up runs because the ball rolled/bounced under the hands and we had to run back and get it.

2. When batting outdoors, and the fielders have to turn-around and run after the ball - there is a very good chance that there is a run on (this is 'hitting it into the gaps' - I am sure many of you have heard that expression).  On Sunday, often good shots were hit in the gaps and both batsmen were watching it in admiration instead of running a run.

3.  When the ball is hit in the air, run and run fast.  This puts pressure on the fielders.  If they catch it, then the batsmen could have crossed and the 'in' batsman will be on strike and the new batsman can go to the non-strikers side.  Even if the fielder drops it, it will take some time for him to compose himself and make an accurate throw - you may understand the feeling that he may have let his team down.

4.  Backing-up by the non-striking batsman.  There were many times when the batsmen at the non-strikers end were ball watching, and not looking eager in taking the runs on offer.

5.  Look at the pictures of the bowlers (see link), the bowlers head should be straight when bowling and not off to the side.  It is difficult to see your target with your head hanging off to the side.

There might be other things, and I am sure you can think of some.  But you all did very well.  Think of these few things and you will score more runs, and prevent the opposition from getting easy runs off of you.

In about a month's time there is the indoor tournament in Basel.

Here is a link to some photos in Dropbox taken by Nigel Atkinson (Jimmy from Basel's father).  Have a look there might be something in there of interest for you. 

Best regards,


PS a great big 'thank you' to Andrew for standing out in the middle for the 80 overs you played on Sunday.


U11 Suisse Romande Match Day Report: 3 October 2015

Gingins hosted the under 11 tournament at the Boute du Monde ground today in Geneva with a team from GRYCC/Cossonay and Zurich/Basel (Dragonflys) visiting.

Gingins acquitted themselves very well, winning one game and losing the other. Congratulations to a great team effort Seb, Rory, Hamish, Alex, William, Thomas, Jack, Oscar, Leo, Malik and Ethan.

The first game was a close affair with Gingins eventually coming out on top courtesy of a great winning knock from Seb. Grycc/Cossonay managed a total of 273. Malik was in the wickets with a lovely yorker whilst Ethan bowled two very tidy maiden overs .There were two run outs also, one a superb piece of fielding teamwork by Alex and Thomas. Gingins started their run chase and Will and Leo provided them a good platform. Jack and Ethan gave the innings with some real impetus with a few well struck boundaries. Thomas and Oscar and Alex and Malik kept the innings going and whilst it was close at the end a lovely knock with one strong boundary from Seb bought the game home and Gingins to a total of 283!

The second game was against a more experienced and slightly older Zurich/Basel side. Gingins this time kept them to 298 with a few more extras than they would have liked - one for practice tomorrow! Malik again was in the wickets with a couple of lovely deliveries taking out off stump. Leo also bowled very tightly and deservedly got a wicket. The addition of Rory and Hamish to the team as Seb and Ethan had to go home helped keep things tight in the field. Will took his first wicket for the under elevens at the ripe age of 7 with a fantastic catch at point by Malik, diving low to take a stinging off drive. Will and Leo again provided a platform with few wickets in the first few overs.

Whilst Jack and Thomas both lost their wickets they also played some stunning shots against two of the better U11 bowlers in Switzerland both plundering boundaries along the way. Hamish and Oscar managed to steal some singles against some particularly hostile bowling whilst Rory and Malik were kept in check by the very accurate bowling of the dragonfly side. It was left to Alex to try and bring the innings home and whilst he managed to add some runs and not lose his wicket it was a tall order and Gingins finished with a respectable 236.

Thanks to all those who were there to umpire and score and in particular thanks to Arnold and Adrian for organising what I am sure the boys will remember as a great late summer day of cricket.


Manoj (MP Cricket Academy) Cricket Tour to India: 12-21 February 2016

Manoj (MP Cricket Academy) would like to invite you for a India cricket tour, on the 12th of February to the 21st of February 2016.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn how to play against spin, how to adjust to a new environment, to adjust to a different culture, how to become a professional cricket player when we visit the international cricket ground in Rajkot ,India.

- India Temperature in February 24 C

- Cost of the tour £1500

For further information please look at the attached photo and if you need any more info please do not hesitate to ask me via email (manojparmar565@hotmail.com) or at the shop or consult the website: http://mpsportscricketacademy.co.uk/termform/list/35d38cbf-d676-4916-b9c0-ffa94384616f

Last India tour Testimonial: http://mpsportscricketacademy.co.uk/testimonial/details/c067e06b-a243-437f-987a-0f8d09166fa4

Last India Tour photos : https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=683392195017436&id=320144898008836


Gingins U17 England Tour to Surrey: 17-21 August, 2015

Arriving from various countries, the GCC players assembled in Epsom, Surrey, for a week of cricket, their first fixtures of the season. For the first match, Darren Talbot of Twenty20 Academy awaited them on the grounds of Deando Ruxley in nearby Ewell, with a team composed from players of different clubs in the region, some of them playing at county level. For almost all players from both teams, this was going to be their first ever two day match with two innings for each team.

The Twenty20 team, batting first, lost two early wickets, courtesy Simon’s good bowling, Aidan and Thomas A. taking the catches, but then steadied the score, in particular thanks to county player Nathan Tilley, who, after being missed early in his innings, eventually retired with 108 to his name.

His patient batting, with a good eye for the poor ball which was immediately sent to the boundary, was a good example of how to play such an innings.

Twenty20 declared at 237/7 after 46 overs, with good bowling from Floris (6-0-20-2), Simon (5-0-21-2), Tom R. (4-0-20-1), Ale (9-1-27-1) and Josh (7-0-40-1), and 3 catches of Simon (as keeper), 2 of Will and 1 each for Thomas A. and Aidan.

The good bowling was helped by good fielding from the team.













Gingins openers Aidan and Floris started cautiously, with some nice strokes on the meticulously mown field, something completely different from the Swiss grounds.

After Aidan was bowled for 49 with the innings on 88 for no loss, 3 quick wickets fell.

The collapse was steadied by Floris and Thomas A., and the first day ended with Gingins at 107/4 after 33 overs, with Floris at 38 (88 balls) and Thomas at 2 (15).

The next morning Floris and Thomas carefully increased the pace, until Floris went out for 43 with the score on 121. Thomas added another 18 runs and with some useful contributions from the last batsmen, Gingins finished at 161 a.o. after 48 overs. County spinbowler Frise (15-4-31-4) proved to be the most difficult to play against.

The Twenty20 openers did not make the same mistake in their 2nd innings, and it now took 12 overs and almost 50 runs before both were dismissed by Josh and Simon.

With their topscorer moved down the order, some other batsmen in the middle order now saw their chance to score and added another 80 runs before they declared on 128/5, with wickets for Will and Ale.

It was remarkable that all wickets in both innings were taken through catches, with the exception of the last wicket, a run out by Josh.

Gingins was set to make 205 runs to win from 40 overs, a challenging but not impossible total.

The tone was set by Aidan with a 4 on the 1st ball, and he and Floris set about to chase the total, until Floris was dismissed LBW for 15 with the score on 42. Josh and Aidan now built up the score with clever shots and sharp running, until Aidan went out for 53, Gingins on 101.

A quick 28 (22) from Ale lifted the score to 153/3 after 30 overs and the victory seemed within reach, but after Josh’ wicket fell for 47 (71) on 183, the tailenders did not manage to score the remaining runs in the last 4 overs.

The curtain fell at 199, 6 short of the winning total. Again, spinbowler Frise caused the most problems with 16.4-0-71-5.

Notwithstanding the loss, all players and the assembled parents, from both sides, very much enjoyed this spectacular match. Organiser Darren Talbot declared it to be ‘one of the best games he had ever been involved in’.


The next afternoon, all assembled at East Molesey CC, on the banks of the river Thames, for a 30-over match. The Gingins batting order had now been mixed up, with Tom R. and Will opening the innings.

After they had gone out with useful contributions (Tom R. 11, Will 15), the middle order completely collapsed from 50/3 to 68/9, and it was up to tailenders Ale and Floris to save the innings. Meanwhile rain had started to trickle down and on the last ball of the now 25 overs match (shortened by rain), Floris was caught on a wild hit for 15, with Ale 25 n.o., for a total of 115. Rain made further play impossible and after having made promises of a better performance next time, the team withdrew to a pub in now familiar Epsom.

The next morning brought an even worse message. It had been raining so much the previous evening, that Guildford CC had to cancel the match which was to be played at Peper Harow, a very old nice ground outside Guildford. Unfortunately the club had not provided for a ground with rain covers to provide a venue for the overseas visitors. In the afternoon, the team went for a training to the Deando Ruxley nets.

The ground for the final match, in Leatherhead, was better prepared, but the Gingins team seemed to be lacking energy, with only Thomas A. (42), Aidan (25) and Josh (13) in the double figures, with the team finishing at 133/7 after 30 overs.

The bowling and fielding appeared to be even worse, with extras everywhere and catches dropped.


Although Ale had an opener leg before on the 3rd ball, Leatherhead easily scored over 100 runs for the loss of 2 wickets and surpassed the Gingins total for 4 wickets in just over 20 overs.

Ale ended with 4-0-27-2, Josh with 5-0-31-1, with Thomas A. (3-0-11-0), Tom R. (2-1-4-0) and Aidan (3-0-12-0) bowling economically.

As Leatherhead was to play a county T20 semi-final afterwards, it was decided that they would bat on until the 30 overs were finished, as further preparation, and suddenly the Gingins team recovered.

A quick run out by keeper Aidan on a good throw from Ale, Jack 3 wickets in 3 overs, Max taking 2 wickets and a catch on bowling of Vincent, Vincent with a good catch on the bowling of Max.

All in all a good end of this week, with typical English weather halfway, but ending with blazing sun.

More photos in Photo Gallery


Gingins U17 England Tour: 17-21 August, 2015

Following two successful tours to Holland and Belgium, the Gingins U17s will visit Surrey in August this year. The team will mostly consist of our own players, with guest players from Geneva, Cossonay and Basel:

1.   Thomas Allen
2.   Aidan Andrews
3.   Jack Dooley (GRYCC)
4.   Vincent Jaccard (Cossonay CC)
5.   Max Miller
6.   Simon Pearce
7.   Ale Poynton
8.   Will Robinson
9.   Tom Russell (Basel Dragons)
10. Josh Thompson
11. Floris Winckel

With the help of Twenty20 Academy a challenging program has been put together, with a two-day match against Twenty20 Cricket Academy and 30-40 over matches against East Molesey, Guildford and Leatherhead, all strong clubs with U17s playing in senior teams.

Players are looking forward to this tour and are confident that it will be a great experience.


Basel U15 Indoor Tournament Report - February 7/8, 2015

Basel Crickets were crowned winners of the Basel U15s Indoor Tournament (7th & 8th February 2015) by virtue of the fact they had won the head to head game with Basel Dragons.

Three teams with 3 wins and one loss. If Gingins had taken one more wicket in the final game it would have been 3 way tie!

Tight games, close finishes, great fun!


Teams – Basel Dragons, Basel Crickets, La Chat, Gingins, Swiss U13

League format, 10 points for a win, 5 for a draw, 0 for a loss

Batting Bonus points – 100 runs = 1, 125 runs = 2, 150 runs = 3

Bowling Bonus points – 2 wickets = 1, 4 wickets = 2, 7 wickets = 3


Match 1 – Basel Crickets 127 for 5 beat Basel Dragons 126 for 6 by 2 wickets

The first match sprang a major shock when the crickets, comprising 3 Zurich Crickets and 5 Basel Dragons players, beat the main Dragons team. Perhaps it was the early start but the Dragons were not breathing fire. A poor batting display left them 20 runs short of a decent total. Only Ben with 23 showed any application. Pick of the Crickets bowlers was Anshak with 2 for 21 off his 4 overs and Ollie with a very economical 17 coming from his 4 overs. The Dragons looked to be on top as the Crickets lost regular wickets but a plethora of wides and a quick fire 23 not out from Ollie saw the Crickets home with 3 balls to spare. Mustafa A was the leading bowler with 3 for 14 from his 4 overs.

Crickets 14 points, Dragons 4 points


Match 2 – Basel Dragons 138 for 3 beat Swiss U13 134 for 3 by 4 wickets

The Swiss U13 team made their debut in match 2 and batted very sensibly against their older opponents. Both Ismail and Luke retired on 35 to post a very respectable score. Will with 1 for 7 from 2 overs and Cameron with only 11 runs taken from his 3 overs stood out in the bowling. A much improved batting performance from the Dragons meant that the total was always ahead of the rate required. Callum with 28, Mushti H with 30 and Mustafa A with 30 not out saw the Dragons home in the 18th over. Ismail was the outstanding bowler with 1 for 12 from 3 overs.

Dragons 13 points, Swiss U13 3 points


Match 3 – Gingins 125 for 5 beat Basel Crickets 122 for 7 by 3 runs

Gingins looked a’ little ring rusty’ in their first game, batting cautiously to post a very ‘gettable’ total. Rohan retired on 35 and Nish made 30. Ollie again bowled tightly, only conceding 14 runs from his 4 overs and took 3 catches in the innings. The Crickets then collapsed to 32 for 4 before opener Thomas and Ollie steadied the ship. Thomas finished on 47 not out having retired and come back in and if Ollie had hung around for another over, the result could have been different, In the end, Ollie was out for 23 and the Crickets ended an agonising 4 runs short of victory. Rohan was outstanding with the ball with 2 for 10 of his 4 overs and Luca took 3 for 27 from his 4 overs.

Gingins 15 points, Crickets 3 points


Match 4 – Swiss U13 170 for 6 beat La Chat 97 for 7 by 73 runs

The Swiss U13’s again batted very well and posted a formidable score. Archer and Ed both retired on 35 and Ismail chipped in with 23 at the end of the innings. Ian was the pick of the bowlers with only 22 runs coming from his 4 overs. La Chat started well in response with openers Matty (27) and Nachiket (18) laying solid platform followed by Tom with 19. However, after this wickets fell regularly to leave the school 97 all out. Ismail,2 for 10, Ed 2 for 15 and Kian 2 for 29 stood out in the bowling.

Swiss U13 16 points, La Chat 2 points


Match 5 – Gingins 76 for 6 beat La Chat 75 all out by one wicket

After La Chat had collapsed to 75 all out with Rohan taking 2 for 3 and with only Matty and Freddie making it to double figures, it looked like the match was all over. However, La Chat came our fired up for the second innings. At 33 for 5, Gingins were in big trouble until Thomas and Rohan steadied the ship. However, when Thomas was brilliantly caught by Nachiket with 8 runs still needed, the pressure was back on. However, Mattea and Rohan stayed calm to guide Gingins to victory. Freddie took 2 for 18 and Ian was again very economical with only 12 being taken from his 4 overs.

Gingins 13 points, La Chat 2 points


Match 6 – Gingins 169 for 6 beat Swiss U13’s 124 for 7 by 45 runs

With the score on 61 for 1 after 11 overs, the Swiss U13’s were dreaming of a famous victory. However, Gingins plundered 108 off the next 9 overs showing the value of having wickets in hand. John and Luca changed the whole impetus of the innings, running for everything and hitting hard. Luca retired with 38 from only 19 balls, John making 20. Rohan, having retired came back in at the end to finish on 38 not out. Ismail was again the pick of the bowlers with 1 for 18 from his 4 overs. All the Swiss U13 batsman struggled against a very disciplined Gingins bowling attack and never looked like getting close to the target. Luke top scored with 25. George took 2 for 21, Nish 2 for 23 and Thomas 2 for 26.

Gingins 16 points, Swiss U13’s 3 points


Match 7 – Basel Dragons 155 for 7 beat La Chat 149 for 7 by 6 runs

The Dragons again batted very inconsistently and could easily have been in deep trouble. 30 runs came from the last 2 overs and without this, the game would have been lost. Opener Callum retired and came back in to finish on 45 not out ably supported be Dan who finished on 26 not out. Ian finished with 3 for 26 from his 4 overs. La Chat batted sensibly through Matty and Tom and then Ian came in to pick up the pace. With 50 needed from the last 5 overs, the game was in the balance and the Dragons were very lucky that Ian had to retire when he did. Without this, La Chat would have won. Ian came back in a hit the last ball for 6 to finish on 41 not out. Ben took 3 for 30 from his 4 overs for the Dragons

Dragons 16 points, La Chat 5 points


Match 8 – Basel Crickets 72 for 2 beat La Chat 69 all out by 5 wickets

After the excitement of the previous game, La Chat came back down to earth with a bump! Only Matty with 24 made any impression with bat as La Chat were bowled out in 13 overs. Pranav took 2 for 12 and Tanmay 1 for 8 from 3 overs. Chris saw the Crickets home with a solid 35 and the total was reached in the 11th over.

Crickets 13 points, La Chat 1 point


Match 9 – Basel Crickets 195 for 2 beat Swiss U13’s 194 for 7 by 5 wickets

What a remarkable game of cricket! The Swiss U13 batsman demolished the Crickets attack, all the bowlers suffering equally. Ismail retired and then came back in the finish with 60 and Ed finished 36 not out. At half time, nobody gave the Crickets a chance but how wrong they were. Openers Thomas and Pranav set out in the most positive of manners, running hard and hitting the gaps. The running total never fell behind the required rate as both openers retired on 35. Chris and Tanmay then simply carried on the good work as the Swiss U13 bowling and fielding fell apart under the pressure. Chris retired on 35 and it was left to Ollie and Henry to see the team home with an over to spare. What a run chase!

Crickets 16 points, Swiss U13’s 4 points


Match 10 – Basel Dragons 88 for 3 beat Gingins 87 all out by 5 wickets

As so often when these 2 sides meet, the side batting first fails to post a significant total. Gingins elected to bat but faced a Dragons bowling attack that was really firing for the first time in the tournament. Only John made it to double figures and finished 35 not out as wickets tumbled around him. Cameron bowled beautifully to finish with 3 for 15 from 4 overs and Callum had 2 for 9 from 3 overs. The Dragons then batted sensibly to ensure a straight forward victory. Mushti H finished on 33 not out and Will made 27. George was the pick of the bowlers with 2 for 25 and Rohan finished with 1 for 20 from his 4 overs.

Dragons 13 points, Gingins 1 point


Final Standings 


Basel Crickets3061046
Basel Dragons307946
Swiss U13109726
La Chat02810


Basel Crickets were crowned winners by virtue of the fact they had won the head to head game with Basel Dragons. Three teams with 3 wins and one loss. If Gingins has taken one more wicket in the final game it would have been 3 way tie! Tight games, close finishes, great fun.

Well done to the Crickets, a team that had never played together previously consisting of Ollie, Surya and Chris from Zurich Crickets together with Thomas, Pranav, Henry, Anshak and Tanmay from Basel Dragons.


Individual Awards

Best Bowler – Rohan – Gingins (15 overs, 52 runs, 6 wickets)

Best Batsman – Ismail – Swiss U13 (128 runs)

Best all rounder or all round contribution – Ollie – Basel Crickets



Gingins U17 Indoor Match day in Geneva - February 1, 2015

As part of the 2014-2015 indoor series for U17s, Gingins organized another match day in Geneva. Players from all over Western Switzerland, strengthened by one player from up North, played three T20 matches.

In the first match, Gingins and a mixed team reached a tie, with retiring scores of 50 from Aidan Andrews and Yash Roy and useful contributions by Floris Winckel (27) and Arnav Sandu (23).

The other matches were also quite balanced, with contributions from all players, of which the scores from Ashwin Vinod (21), Greg Foster (38 ret.), Anhad Aurora (33), Tom Russell (27) and Max Miller (20) stood out.

Wickets were taken by some ten bowlers, with the highest number for Yash Roy (7) and a remarkable three in the last match for spinner Josh Thompson.

While most players are familiar with fast bowlers, many clearly struggled against the spinners. The fielding was tight, with a number of catches and some run outs. Only from the extras could be seen that the bowlers had to accustom to playing matches in the midst of the skiing season. All in all a good start of the year and players look forward to the next match day.


Basel U19 Indoor opener - January 25, 2015

An early season Under 19 indoor opener on Sunday 25th January produced two fast and furious T20 matches.

The Bäumlihof hall in Basel showcased some of the best at this level: commitment, grit, sheer hard work and some great skills, with all players able to shine and demonstrate moments of magic.

Competition was fierce and there will clearly be a lot of players seeking to impress coaches and selectors ahead of the Under 19 Five Nations Tournament in Belgium later this year in August.

see Bäumlihof Basel scorecards


Back row (l-r): Jack D (GRYCC), Max M (GCC), Ruwan J (BDCC), Hassan A (ZCCC), Arun A (ZCCC), Asad M (PWCC), Osama M (PWCC), Ziad N (ZCCC)
Front row (l-r): Simon P (GCC), Aidan A (GCC), Nic H (ZCCC), Ruan K (ZCCC), Tom R (BDCC), Yash R (GRYCC)

 From: http://www.cricketswitzerland.ch/news/2015/u19-basel-indoors/ & http://www.zurich-crickets.ch/