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2019 Outdoor Season Fees and Membership Information

The Gingins Cricket Club has grown rapidly since its creation in 2008. Our members have different needs, skills and availability and GCC has therefore adapted to meet those different requirements and abilities. Below you will find information on fees, how we organise our members as well as and other aspects of the Gingins Cricket Club. Our rules and values can be found in a separate document. 

When and where we play

Our outdoor summer season for all age groups runs from around Easter through to the October school holidays (depending on the weather and holidays).  During the summer holidays, there could be a short break depending on team member availability and summer plans.

The younger age groups (U7, U9, U11 & U13) train on Sundays at the Gingins Centre Sportif from 10am-12noon.  Please check on Twitter (@ginginscc), in case of doubt over the weather as from 9am each Sunday. 

The older age groups (U15, U17 & U19) train on Thursdays at the Gingins Centre Sportif from 6:30pm-9:00pm (depending on lights and weather).  Please check on Twitter (@ginginscc), in case of doubt over the weather as from about 12noon each Thursday.  The twitter feeds are also found on: https://twitter.com/GinginsCC‎      or our website: www.ginginscricketclub.com/‎

During the winter months, we attempt to organise ad hoc indoor training sessions to help teams prepare for indoor tournaments and to keep fresh.  These indoor sessions are arranged for the U11 groups and above.

The fees for this season are:

 Contact Person(s)
 CHF 50 (previously 100)
 Danny Bower (bowers@bluewin.ch)
 CHF 100 (previously 150)

Danny Bower (bowers@bluewin.ch)

Ian Coltart (coltarti@who.int
  CHF 100 (previously 170)

Danny Bower (bowers@bluewin.ch)

Ian Coltart (coltarti@who.int
 CHF 100 (previously 200)
Arnold Bucheli (arnold.bucheli@gmail.com)
 U15 & above
   CHF 100 (previously 200)
Arnold Bucheli (arnold.bucheli@gmail.com)

Please pay your fees by bank transfer to:

Bank: UBS
Name: Gingins Cricket Club
IBAN: CH69 0022 8228 5772 25M1 C
Description = Child’s name + Age Group

The fees do not include:

- Travel and/or accommodation to  any  matches  or  tournaments.
- Any special training sessions, but members will be informed in advance of these charges, if any.
- Gingins CC kit, which is mandatory for U11 age group and over.

Please contact Danny Bower (bowers@bluewin.ch) to purchase any kit.

Existing members are requested to pay their fees as soon as possible.  Any potential new member can participate in 2 coaching sessions and then decide whether he/she wants to join.  Newcomers who want to join will be required to complete, sign and return their membership form to their administrator, pay their fees promptly and will then receive an invitation by email to join TeamSnap which is our main means of communication to all our members.

Age Group Organisation

Our members are split into age groups: U7, U9, U11, U13 and U15 and each has its own administrator(s) and coach(es).  The cut-off date for each age group is 1st September each year.  Each age group includes those members under the age of the title of their group on 1st September 2018 (e.g. a member who is currently 9, turning 10 before 1st September 2019, will be in the U9 age group now, and move into the U11 age group as from September 2019).  Please note, at least one parent is required to stay during coaching sessions and to any other club events.  We are established as a family run organisation.  If for any reason, you need to leave, you are required to ask another parent to be responsible for your child(ren) and let the appropriate administrator(s) know.

For the older age groups, U11, U13 and U15 there will be the opportunity throughout the year to take part in matches and tournaments in and around Switzerland, such as Zuoz (outdoor national championship) and the Gingins and Basel indoor tournaments as well as special coaching events.  Also for the U17 and U19 players, there will be opportunities to play matches throughout the year. Unfortunately at this time, the U7 and U9 age groups do not participate in matches - given the limited number of cricket clubs with these age groups within them, but could be involved in special coaching events.