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Supporting Kids' Cricket in the Heart of Switzerland

Gingins Cricket Club Values and Membership Rules


Gingins Cricket Club (‘Gingins CC’ or ‘the Club’) is registered as an Association with the Gingins Commune. Our goal is to promote the sport of cricket in our region.

The Club was founded in March 2008 and has been successful in generating interest amongst a broad group of children in the La Cote and Geneva regions. We participate in coaching, games and tournaments throughout both summer and winter. Gingins CC members can play cricket all year round and can have cricket as their primary sport should they wish.

The Club is run by a Committee comprising parents of our members, which manages the coaching, finances, fixtures, events and Club rules. The Committee is also critically important in reinforcing the Club’s values.

Gingins CC Values

Gingins CC aims to teach our members more than just technical cricket skills. We believe that cricket is a wonderful game that can teach young children values and approaches to life that will stand them in good stead as they develop into young adults.

1. Team work

The most important one of these is team work and we constantly stress to our members that at Gingins CC, we play as a team. We of course celebrate great individual performances but our key focus is on getting everyone together to play as a team; winning as a team, losing as a team, respecting opposition, umpires and coaches but most importantly each other - as a team.

2. Respect

The second key value for Gingins CC is respect. Our members come from all over the world and we celebrate that. Behaviour from any of our members that disrespects the person or the rights of another member to participate in any of the Club’s activities free from abuse, bullying, violence, racism, or any act that demeans them is not tolerated and may lead to expulsion from the Club.

All the Gingins CC equipment must be treated with respect by its members. It must be treated with due care and attention and must be put away safely at the end of each use.

3. Parental involvement

A third key value is parent participation. We believe that young children benefit most from sport when their parents are actively engaged; watching training sessions, watching games, helping with coaching or generally contributing to Club activities. We take exception to the concept of parents dropping their children at the Club training or game activities, departing and coming back later to pick them up. Gingins CC is not a crèche and our coaches are not child-minders.

We understand that it is not always possible for parents to be present 100% of the time but we believe that a fundamental reason for the Club’s growth and success to date has been the active involvement of our members’ parents - this is a critical part of the Club’s DNA. We therefore do expect members’ parents to watch training and game events so that the children can benefit from their presence.

4. “Having a go”

A fourth key value is “having a go”. We acknowledge that winning is great and that our members get a great boost from winning. So yes, Gingins CC coaches will choose teams on merit and within teams the best players will be chosen to bowl and bat first; this is how cricket is played and it gives the team the greatest chance of winning. Yet our goal is to support all members and to give all members the chance to have a go. We remind our members that our success will be measured by the team’s success, by how much we support each other, and by whether we’ve gone out there, played in the right spirit and given it our absolute best, whether we win or lose.

We strive to uphold these values at all times. Our membership rules are formulated on this premise and with the sole intention of providing a framework that reinforces our values.

Gingins CC Membership Rules

1. Rule # 1 – we always – always - play as a team.

2.  When you become a Gingins CC member, you commit yourself to being part of the Club – to being part of the team.

In the event a Gingins CC member is invited to play in a match for his or her school team, then they may only do so as long as the following conditions apply:

a. The match must not be against Gingins CC

b. The match must not be part of a Tournament in which Gingins CC are participating

c. The match must not take priority over a planned Gingins CC training session or activity in which they are expected to participate on the day or future date. Playing in the school match should not result in the player not being able to participate to the Gingins CC activities due to lack of time or priority.

d. Written permission is received from the Gingins CC Head Coach of the player’s age group.

Exception: During a match or tournament, and at the discretion of the Gingins CC team coach(es), a Gingins CC member may be invited to make up numbers for another team to avoid the match being cancelled. The Gingins CC member has the right to accept or decline the invitation if he/she so wishes.

In the event of misuse of this rule 2, the member may be asked to leave the club. This will be at the sole judgment of the management committee with no rights of appeal.

3. Playing in other age groups.

Playing in an older age group on a permanent basis. If a player from a particular age group would prefer to play in an older age group on a permanent basis, as it technically stands (i.e. his birthday occurs after the 31 August cut-off date for moving up an age group), then the following formal approval process applies:

a. The parents of the player and the player needs to provide the club a motivation document requesting to be considered for the older age group based on the players skill level, maturity, and remaining in the lower age group is detrimental to the player’s development.

b. The coach at the older age group level: would need to be satisfied that the player is capable of meeting all the skill requirements and is mature enough to play at the older age group level, and

c. The coach at the younger age group level also believes that the conditions of 2 are met, and

d. Approval from the Management Committee. Such approval would be more of an administrative check to ensure that the club’s and player’s interests are taken into consideration, unless there is disagreement between the parents or the two Head Coaches, in the latter case the Management Committee will make the final decision. The committee must ensure that in granting such a request that the development of other players is not going to be negatively impacted.

e. Once the approval is granted, the new group becomes the “designated group” of the player and he is not obliged to play in the lower age group.

f. We think that the approvals can be granted with or without conditions attached, as necessary by the different parties.

Playing in a lower age group on an adhoc basis - If a player decides to pursue the ability to play in an older age group, but decides he would like to play certain matches in the lower age group from time to time, then the following formal approval process applies:

a. The player has demonstrated the ability to gain approval to play in the older age group as above, and the older age group becomes his designated age group.

b. The decision to play for the lower age group would be at the joint agreement of the two age group coaches, any one of the two may veto the request. To reinforce, this can only be done at the Players willingness to do so.

Playing in the Swiss National Team - Where a player, who is playing for an older age group on a permanent basis, is invited to play in a team at a higher hierarchical level, for example national, regional or cantonal, but at the lower age group for which he no longer represents his club, he is permitted by Gingins CC to accept the invitation and must inform his coach accordingly.

4. Training is critical to the Club. Members who participate in training activities will be given priority in team selection. Members who do not train are not guaranteed to be picked for game events.

5. Gingins CC members commit to respecting all other members, their siblings and their parents, all coaches and all Club equipment and facilities. Any member who bullies, makes racist comments or commits any act that demeans another Club member or members of opposition teams may be expelled from the club. We play in the Spirit of Cricket.

6. The Club expects all parents to be present at all events and to support both their child(ren) and the Club. We understand that this is not possible 100% of the time but we do expect that at least one parent is present at training sessions and game events. If, for whatever reason, you cannot stay, you must ask another parent to be responsible for your child(ren) and let the appropriate administrator(s) know. The coaches and other members of the Club are not child-minders and we depend on member’s parents for their presence, support and the smooth-running of the Club.

7. Member's parents are required to pay their fees promptly at the beginning of each season and return any paperwork that is required to the administrator.

8. Supporting the activities of the members of the Committee, coaches and other parents involved in organizing Club events is critical. Our members’ parents will receive many emails through the year from our Club Committee members, particularly the administrators, and we deem it critically important that these mails are responded to in a timely manner. If parents don’t respond on time, there is a risk that no team can be formed and that others who have committed to playing will be disappointed when a game is cancelled due to a lack of players. 

To facilitate this, the Club has joined http://www.teamsnap.com/, which is a free and easy web service that facilitates the management of the Club and communication by the Club to our members. Details of how to access TeamSnap will be provided once you become a Gingins CC member. When you receive an email from your administrator asking you to sign up your availability for an event, TeamSnap will give you 3 choices: a √ or a x or a ? - all quite self-explanatory – please indicate one choice when asked to, as soon as possible.

9. At tournaments and events we will call on member’s parents for support e.g. by bringing plates of food and drink, cleaning up etc.